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February 06 2018


life hack: u dont have to be a wolf to yell sad noises at the moon

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Reposted byInfelice Infelice
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she really outdid herself

This is fucking gorgeous whats her instagram

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Kuteiko Couture ‘Vatican’  f/w 2017-2018 collection


être dans la lune

to be lost in one’s thoughts, to be absent-minded; lit. to be on the moon

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sanguineous-ophelia replied to your post “sanguineous-ophelia replied to your post “sanguineous-ophelia replied…”
it is silly thts why u should give in an accept it

no thanks! i’m fine on where i stand.

sanguineous-ophelia replied to your post “sanguineous-ophelia replied to your post “#jay why r u so CUTE#ur…”
i will spnd my entire life 2 this cause

oh my god. we’re gonna be here for a long time over this then!!

Pshh. You probably rock any color, dude. Blue’s you, though, for sure.

hehe, well… it’s always nice to have another set of eyes to say though. i’ll have to think about going back to it sometime.

#Aaaaa I Don’t Think I’ve Seen This One Before#How Beautiful#Your Hair Matches Your Wings#It’s A Good Color For Your Skin Tone#Such A Lovely Birdie#Always Has Been And Always Will Be

you don’t think you’ve seen it before, huh? hehe… you sure about that, dear?

but yeah, it did! i mean. it felt a little silly because so blue-themed, but i liked it. i still like it, really. it’s good to hear it didn’t look too bad at least! i’m considering going back to the color at some point. maybe?

and. i! i don’t know how to respond to that!!

sanguineous-ophelia replied to your post “#jay why r u so CUTE#ur ADORBLE#i lov ur hair hehe, i guess i should…”
ur adorble accpt it

naaaah. good luck getting me to though!

#jay why r u so CUTE#ur ADORBLE#i lov ur hair

hehe, i guess i should expect this reaction from you always, oxy. it certainly brings a smile to my face. i’m not adorable though!!

i loved my hair too.

#Oh whoa.#Jay you look so nice.#Rockin’ that hair man.

hehe. you flatter me, dirk! i’m not sure what part of the hair i rocked back then, but thanks!

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i might’ve grown my hair out.

just a little.

there was talks of blue hair on my dash, so i felt like digging up an old selfie.

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Russia’s Ussuri Bay was once labeled a hazard because it used to be a Soviet era dumping ground for broken glass and porcelain. Over time, nature righted the wrongs with years of water erosion that transformed the jagged shards into smooth pebbles. Now a protected area, ‘Glass Beach’ has become popular with tourists, who come from all over the world to enjoy its beautiful colors. Source Source 2





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